Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Are You A Music Lover?

Are you guys looking for a video market place website that you can connect to your artists?Good news for music lovers,students & users that are looking for a website where you can have social networking with your favorite musicians.There is now a website called MUSICAL INTERCOURSE @ IndieMV where you can hang out as a fans or even if you're a musicians.

They have tools such as video blogging (vlogging), web-cam messaging, photo sharing, as well as access to music videos, interviews, and much more!This website is really interesting indeed!I will have to try this for myself because i myself is also one music fanatic.I've got to tell this website to my brothers & cousins & to their friends that are also big fans of musics,they sure will get interested to visit this website.This website also features opportunities such as offering bands all sorts of chances to perform in front of a new audience.

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