Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I'm So Excited!

I have been blogging for quite sometime now and trying to keep track of my various reports of the status of my site, like for example my Page rank, my Alexa reviews, Technorati profile, and my site meter status. These indicators are very helpful and useful to my site to keep me informed that my site is having lots of blogger visitors. Especially when i started to join payperpost, these charts are important.

And now, these tools have been revised into an exciting new format. Argus where you can track the difference in numbers reported by all the different stats packages. Unlike what i have now, i have to post it one by one to my site. But these Argus stats have a single comprehensive format that is easy to read and track all at your fingertips. I have my own style how track my status and visitors that comes to my site.

And what i'm excited about is i don't have to check each website of my status tracker just to get updated and to keep current. Now PayPerPost is getting ready to launch Argus into private alpha at PostieCon. Isn't that so exciting??? This would be very helpful to us all in keeping a better control of our statistics. Keep your eyes open it will launch very soon!!!

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Noreen said...

sa nov.17 sis, it's a saturday.