Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Got Figured It Out

My goodness last night i was trying to figure things out when we got registered in TFC (The Filipino Channel) through internet which i have been longing to have it since i got here but i didn't able to get it right away coz my internet was dial up before & i need hi-speed internet.And soon as i got this DSL connection i have been bugging my husband again to get me this filipino channel that i want because only few channels here in united states that i really like.

So anyway,i can't seem to connect to that filipino channel & i already did all the instructions they wanted me to do.I downloaded the viewing license which they requires me to do & also the internet explorer & i upgraded my media player.So what else seems to be the problem?I called their toll free number customer service & they can't help me with that coz they can only assist cable tv subscribers.

Finally,got things figured it out myself.It's only an activex control keep popping up on top of my IE browser telling that the window that i was trying to open is been blocked.So i have to unclick the activex control for me to view the page & download the viewing license that has not been retrieved yet.Ugh!silly me! I Got so upset & that's the only problem i had & can't easily figure it out.Goodness sakes!Well at least it's working now,good thing!And the ABS-CBN responded my millions emails to them telling that they can see their system that i can watch the videos already.So i replied again telling that i just figured things out myself,my apology for being so upset.And i thanked them for being so nice to me even though i said something kinda bad to them.

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Norm said...

Hmp...basin segi nalang ka tan-aw drama sa TFC ha...makalimot na unya ka sa blog nimo...nindot raba mga palabas karon...hehehehe ...gimingaw na gani ko sa ABS CBN wala mi dri karon TFC sa Canada darl oi sa internet lang mi tan-aw usahay lang sad...