Thursday, October 18, 2007

Awards From Friends

I keep receiving awards from friends who think that my site is beautiful and neat.Thank you all guys for praising my blog,it is appreciated by me for your always coming here to visit me.Anyway,here's the awards i received.

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This award was given by pretty girl named Anna who is about to get settle soon with her prince charming of her life.Thank you so much for this dae Anna i love this award.

And this one was given by my good friend Shabem who lives in Texas with her small yet happy family.She herself is one cool mom also.She's been my friend for quite awhile now.Thank you Bem you are so sweet and a cool mommy too!

This one was given by Mommy Genny who lives in North Carolina with her loving husband & adorable son.She is a very sweet person indeed she always giving me nice awards.Thank you so much Mommy Genny i really appreciate it.