Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Dental & Medical Benefits

I just had my every half year dental check up last month & the dentist said that my teeth were in good condition & i don't have cavities,that's a good news then! But i have more better good news than that. AmeriPlan® offers an unmatched health-benefits plan.The plan is just $19.95 for an entire household! Isn't that so cheap? You can access a list of dental providers in your area by logging on to AmeriPlan® and clicking on "Locate a Provider".They offer massive discounts on lots of things like vision care needs, & cheap cost of prescription drugs.They are now most highest quality Dental care plans available in the U.S.A. today! So take time to visit their website and click here for more info, you won't regret checking out their website.

Contact information:

Office: (276) 963-3411 (Direct) 9a.m. - 5p.m Eastern time
Email: davejenn_68@yahoo.com
Benefits Website: http://www.mybenefitsplus.com/horton1
*(You can enroll right on-line)

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