Friday, October 19, 2007

Credit Card For Me

I am using my husband's credit card as of now because i only have debit card. Credit cards is very different from debit card. When i went home to Philippines i brought my debit card and my husband's credit card. My family and i went to an appliance store to buy dvd player but they didn't accept my debit card,so i ask them why. And they just told me that they only accept credit card which i only have my husband's. They cannot accept my husband's credit card too because it doesn't belong to my name. I got really upset on that time.When i came back here i told that experience to my husband and he said he'll look for a credit card comparison for me in the internet or he said he might have just get me credit card in his bank so he can easily deposit money from it. His bank does the balance transfers from his account to my account.

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