Monday, October 22, 2007

Too Long To Take

Got this tag from someone else's site though i just thought that it's a cool thing to answer so i grabbed it. I am tagging, In-in, Ivy, Genny, Shabem, and Buntit Anne.

First name?: Darlene
Like your name?: Yes
Named after anyone?: Nope
Any nicknames?: My family calls me Tata,tating ot thats' my friends calls me Dar,Darl, or Darlz
Age?: Sweet 26
Birthdate? : March 04th
Birth place?: Lianga
Time you were born?: 10:49 AM
Current location?: Utah
Height?: 4'11 very tall huh?
Like your height?: Well, i have no choice though lol!
Eye color?: Dark Brown
Contacts/glasses?: Nope
Hair color?: Black
Natural hair color?: Black
BlackDye your hair often?: No
Righty or lefty?: Right
Type of music?: Mellow, Slow Rock And Instrumental
Band or singer?: Nouvelle Vague nowadays
TV show?: Forensic Files And Fatal Error
Movie?: Too many to mention
TV channel?: Kapamilya, Lifetime Court TV and Hallmark
Radio station?: Not that fond of Radios
Place to be?: Here at home, will still remain here until i get old being with my family
Thing to do?: Household chores,take care of my son and blogging
Food?: I'm not picky i can eat any kind as long as is not poisoned lol!
Non alcoholic drink?: Cranberry Grape Juice
Alcoholic drink?: Apple Cider Champagne or Dark Grape Champagne
Animal?: We don't have pets as of now
Holiday?: Every holidays
Season?: Spring and Summer!
Sport? : I'm not a sporty woman
Place to shop?: Newgate mall, Layton mall or wherever lol!
Clothing brand?: Old Navy, Wet Seal, Victoria Secret, and American Eagle
Scent?: Victoria Secret Sweet Angel
Restaurant?: Chinese, Italian, Mexican and American
Fruit?: Any kinds
Vegetable?: Any will do
Fast food restaurant?: Carl's Jr., Arby's, KFC, Wendy's and Del Taco
Pizza topping?: Sausage, Pepperoni, Mushrooms, and lots of cheese
Ice cream flavor?: Strawberry or Ube Macapuno
Magazine?: Not Fond of Magazines
City?: Brigham City
Color?: White, Black, Pink, Yellow and Light Blue
Number?: 7

This or that…

Chocolate or vanilla?: Vanilla
Pepsi or coke?: Coke
Hot or cold?: Cold
Black or white?: White
Dog or cat?: Dog
French toast or pancakes?: Can i have both?
French fries or onion rings?: French Fries
Hamburger or hot dog?: Hamburger
Pepperoni or sausage?: Sausage
Britney or Christina?: Christina
McDonalds or Burger King?: McDonalds
50 Cent or Eminem?: I don't know these guys
Canada or Mexico?: Canada
Hug or kiss?: Both
Movies or TV?: TV
Truth or dare?: Truth!

Do you…

Shower daily?: Not during winter
Sing in the shower?: Sometimes.
Like to sing?: Yes..
Like to dance?: Yes
Smoke?: No
Drink?: No
Curse?: No
Talk to yourself?: Sometimes
Believe in yourself?: Yes
Play an instrument?: No
Go to school?: Yeah
Go to college?: Nope
Finished it? Nope
Have a job?: Sideline lang woi hehehehe
Like your job?: Yes
Want to get married?: I am happily married already
Want to have kids?: We have one son hopefully girl will be next, i'll keep my finger crossed!
Get along with your parents?: Yes
Get along with your siblings?: Yes
Drive?: Yes

Random …

Do you think you’re trustworthy?: Yes
Think you’re funny?: I guess
Gone garbage can tipping?: Nah
What are your parents names?: Deo and Leona
Siblings names?: Many to mention lol!
Do you wash your hands frequently?: Yes
How many times a day do you brush your teeth?: 2x morning and before i go to bed
Collect anything?: Purses, shoes, clothes, make ups, belts, shades, VS underwears and perfumes
Ever been in love?: Yes
In love right now?: Yes!
What color pants are you wearing right now?: Light Blue
How does your hair look?: Long black hair and no need of salon treatment
Ever had your heartbroken?: Yes
Ever broken the law?: Nope so far
Been arrested?: Never
Can you stick your fist in your mouth?: No
When was the last time you got drunk?: I cannot remember
Do you do drugs?: Yes if i get sick medicine are drugs isn't it?
When was the last time you were high on anything?: When my hubby proposed marriage to me i was so high that i cannot keep my feet on the ground lol!
Do you prefer the lights on or off?: Off
Would you ever get plastic surgery?: Hopefully not
Do you prefer boxers or briefs?: Briefs
Do you like to laugh?: A lot
Ever had a bloody nose?: Yes
Have you ever caught a fish?: When i was young with my brother
What was the last thing you ate?: Ready made Pizza
What time do you go to bed?: Past midnight
What’s your favorite color?: Pink, light blue and yellow
Do you like to give or receive?: Both
Are you obsessed with anything/any one?: I can't think of any
Do you live alone?: I am with hubby and our son just three of us in the house
Do you own a blender?: Yes
Do you like the snow?: I love the snow but i hate the effect on it COLD grrrr
Ever been up a mountain?: Yes, we live up in the mountain
Ever been rootin’?: No
Do you like surprises?: It depends, i don't like bad surprises....


vickyneis said...

Hi Darl Im going to snag some of these if you dont mind. I still will even if you do mind hehehe. Take care

""rare jonRez"" said...

Darl, nice unta ni nga tag pero taas kaayo oi! but if i'll run out of fillers, ako nalang ning kawaton! :D bawasan lang naku ang mga questions! ok lang ba? :D

texas_sweetie said...

hi darl.kataas ani oi..pero ako ni birahon oi alangan no mau nalang pang update sa blog. pero manglimpyo sa ko daan ha kay basin mabunalan kog manoy nig abot katag kau ang payag ni tikya...tellu lang unya ug nahimo nani naku..ty

♥Shabem-®♥ said...

Thanks for letting me know Darlz. Nindot pod ni pang filler hehehe.. sayod naka mahutdan ta usahay. Still hunting for opps I will read the rest of your posts later ha!

Anonymous said...

hay taasa dugay ko nahuman oy pero ok na salamat.

Melody said...

helo darl, challenging naman kaau ang mga tags karon, ferteh ka mugbo, hehehe but am not complaining though, eyelavet!

im having fun reading your answers