Tuesday, October 2, 2007

I Changed My Mind

I know i know i already posted this yesterday that i am claiming this as my personal blog but some of my friends say that i should use this one as other purposes & my Mommy's Gibble Gabbles blog will be my personal blog from now on.So i thought that they just gave me a good idea.They're right.I have this blog since last April.That was the time i started blogging thru the help of my good friend IVY.She is always been patient to teach me every details of what to do even yesterday she's been so kind enough to teach me things that i wanted to learn.So here it is now.This is gonna be my other blog from now on.

On the other hand,i got two friends that gave me a wonderful award,they are so sweet to give me this award.I am really touched!In-in & Jenny are my good friends too here in blogging world.I love to take a peek all the time to their blogs coz they always make me smile reading their entries.So you two beautiful ladies,Thank you very much for a wonderful award.It is deeply appreciated!
And i would like to give this award to some my thoughtful friends as well.Like Ivy,Melody,Anne & Lotis.


Melody said...

hello darl, apil ko? salamat dai, sweet of you!!!
na add nah nako imong isa ka blog., ka cutee ug title.,oodluck darl, sa payperpost!!!
keep blogging

Ivy Sterling said...

Hmmm no probs darl anytime naa ra ko diri..basta kaya lang nako tabang gyud ko..iakw pa lakas gud ka sa akoa wink!
anways tenk u so much for this wonderful award.mwaaah

Merydith said...

Your welcome Darl. There is no other person who deserves this better than you. More to come. I already kissed my shopawpaw for you. :o)

jennyr said...

so, u're doing ads na rin bah darlz? sa pikas? well...i wish u luck! and abt the award, u deserve it girl!

Shabem said...

I am finally back Darlz. I am seeing PPP Badges here. You go girl! I was going to ask you ngano wala ka mi join before.
Nice to see awards spreading. Well deserved ang na tag.

lotis said...

hello dah, ty sa thoughful badge,
oh i see na jud ppp badge pud diri, nice, have a good day