Friday, October 19, 2007

Kids Having Fun

The other night my son and his cousins were playing by the stairs of their grampa's house while the parents were talking about things that happened to our lives lately.My husband's younger brother and his family came over from Lousiana to visit us here. While the kids are playing it caught my eyes how happy they were being with each other maybe because they miss each other's company for they have not seen each other for a long time.I just couldn't resists listening to their giggles and priceless laughters so i grabbed my digital camera from my purse and took a picture of them doing the slides using the sleeping bag.Take a look how happy they were!

I always love to capture special moments like this with my family.When they grow up they would surely love to look at their photos when they were just kids.

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Midas said...

Those are lovely pictures Darlene. I have tons of pictures when my kids are horseplaying. I also have tons of whenthey're having a bad day. :)