Friday, October 26, 2007

How About My Money?

I grabbed this tag from my pretty friend Ivy. I asked her that i'm gonna grab this tag hehehe thanks Iv's.

What do you have the most of right now? one, fives, or ten?
* I have 3 twenties in my wallet

Do you give yourself a weekly cash allowance?
* Not really

When you're out shopping, which do you use, credit, or debit?
* Debit or credit card

Do you use coins in your transactions or stink a trickly to bills?
* I use both

Do you keep track of what cash you spend?
* Yes i do

Have you ever lost a lot of cash?
* Not that much though. That was way back years ago in Philippines.

What is the largest amount of cash you have seen?
* 15,000 dollars in my account

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