Thursday, October 25, 2007

Flooded Me!!!

Pay per post is not so generous today i only got one offer from them, i am so poor! But you know what? I am lucky enough because i have lots of offers in the other website which has bigger offers than what i usually get from pay per post. They said if one door closes one will open so wide for you to get in. So i guess that's true! So far i made 70 bucks today and i haven't got yet the 2 offers i need to get from payperpost. I feel so blessed! I wanna thank all my friend who are assisting me with this making money online blogging. Thank you so much guys, you know who you are that i'm talking about! I really appreciate your big help to me. Hope you will be blessed this day and days to come.

1 comment:

Merydith said...

Your welcome Darl hehehe. Asuming ba? hehehe. I buzz you baya grasya na unta to. Wa man diay mo sa inyo. Sagi nalang basin naa pa kay maabtan.