Thursday, October 25, 2007

Meme In The Morning

Good morning peeps! Hope we all have a good day today! It's another day of our life again we must be thankful to GOD for giving us another chance to live.

Ok here's another tag that i got from my friendster bulletin i just grabbed it because i find it cool to answer the questions. Well i guess i am not going to tag anyone, just grab this tag if you like doing it!


1. A Bitch? - I can be when someone tries to piss me off
2. Are you tall? - Sad to say NO
3. In your pajamas? -Yes
4. Left handed? - Nope i am right handed girl


1. Friend you saw - Lisa
2. Talked to on the phone - A friend
3. Last Person to text you - None
4. Was today better than yesterday - I don't know yet, i just barely started the day today


1. Number - 7
2. Color - Pink
3. Food - Humba
4. Place - My house


Q: What was the first thing you did this morning when you get up?
A: Turn on my computer

Q: Do you have anything bothering you?
A: My back, it's killing me

Q : What's the last movie you watched in theaters?
A : None

Q: Where is the last place you went?
A : Bathroom

Q: Do you smile often?
A: Sure! That's what makes us free from wrinkles hehehehe

Q: Do you wish upon stars?
A: I used to when i was young

Q: Are you a friendly person?
A: I guess so

Q: Where did you sleep last night?
A: In my bed

Q: Why did you sleep there?
A: Because i wanted to sleep in my own bed? Whatta question!

Q: When was the last time you cried?
A: The other day i was watching teleserye

Q: What was your last thought before going to sleep last night?
A: I thanked God for every life he gave me

Q: Rate life as of right now one being bad, ten being great?
A: 9 out of 10

Q: What do you hear right now?
A. Cars outside in the street passing by

Q: Does anything hurt right now?
A: My back. Been hurting lately

Q: What's your favorite month?
A: December. I get lots of presents lol!

Q: How many kids do you want/have?
A: 2 is good enough for us


1. Are you missing someone right now? - My Family back home
2. Are you happy? - Yes, i am very happy!
3. Are you sad? - Nope
4. Are you bored? - Nope
5. Are you excited?- I am, excited to make more money online lol!
6. Are you nervous?- Nope
7. Are you single? - Taken baby, sorry lol!
8. Are you tired? - Yeah. Didn't get enough sleep though
9. Are your parents still married? - My mother is single now. My dad passed away long time ago
10. Do you have a crush on someone right now? - Nope

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