Sunday, October 21, 2007

The Little Me

In in tagged me this few days ago and i haven't done it yet because i can't find some old pictures of mine. Well i hope this one will do. Thank you so much for this In. sorry for the delay. I am tagging Melody.

In this picture i am with my best friend since birth. We parted our ways since highschool and we only see each other very seldom. We've been part of band parade started grade one until we graduated in elementary. Can you tell which is which?

And this picture was taken back on 2004. I was three months pregnant on this photo. I am with my big sis and my younger bro. We went to Star City to have fun but my sis doesn't want me to go to scary cave and she doesn't want me to ride slides and other wild rides. So i just bought lots of food to munch hahaha. They enjoyed the rides while i enjoyed the food.

These was taken in Manila Hotel when i had my interview . I was already in my labor period a day before my interview in the embassy and been bleeding since. Right after my interview they rushed me to the hospital. Two days after my interview i delivered my son through Caesarian section. The doctor said i'm pretty tough woman for bearing the pain while doing the interview.

And this is me now. Happily married with one adorable two year old son. So what do you think? Did i changed a lot or just a little bit? I think my looks changed a lot.


Anonymous said...

Hi darlene, nice pictures there, cute kau ang band na pic nimo as a young girl:)

julai said...

hi guapa,laag na pod ko diri..ehehe nalingaw ko sa pics oii..dako kaaju ug changes guapa oiii..neneng paman kaaju ka sa in inosente pa kaayo ang're aging with grace and beauty guapa..hope pareha ko nimo magkabata samtang magka increase ang edad..
have a nice day.

ladyracs said...

WOW great transition dae Darl, love all the pics. Yes I can tell which one is you, the one on the right, same lang gihapon ang mata, totok gyud, haha. and no doubt, happily married, satisfied and fulfilled, we can see that always in your face. Thanks for sharing more about you, TC always.

Norm said...

wow! ang cute cute mo naman dri sa pics , very smart din parang ako noong elem din,hehehe..I guess ikaw ning nasa right side, kaning may bulak na yellow parang san francisco flower @ may bangs imong hair, am i right?

Norm said...

hehehhe...ikaw bitaw ang first jud nakong ginaadto if visit ko sa mga blog, ok lang ba?

Merydith said...

Darl nakakita ko ani gabii unya naggunit man ko ni shopawpaw so karon na sad ko nakahigayon. Anyways, kadako diay sa imong tiyan ni B sa? Bura man sad ug sa ako na perti intawon ka piit ni shopawpaw luoy kaayo.I like the band photo. Sos I always dreamed of being into one pero daut ko no kaayo ug paa ahahaha. Dili pwede. You haven't change at all. Even more sexier lang. Thanks for doing this tag.

""rare jonRez"" said...

ah Darl! u'r even more gorgeous as time passes. balo ka, naa mi friend sa CDO nga pareho mo ug looks. iyang name kay Yayen. as in pagkaita ni Jon (ako bana) sa imong pics, iyang reaction was, "si yayen man lagi nah!" too bad i don't have a pic of here here. bestfriend na sya actually sa akong big sis. hmmm... nagagwapa ka oi! mao nay kausaban. sa pilipinas dia ka nanganak? grabe ha.. tough jud!

Melody said...

helo darl, ca cute nimo oi, nga majorette, wow!!!
hala nakahinumdom ko sa school band pod, im sure i have a hardtime looking for those old pics.,pero well try this whenever i can, o.k lang darl?

esp.,up to now.,for me youre sexy and pretty.