Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Two's

Like i mentioned before that i am attending my friend's kids because she is working. Since i have no job and i just stays at home she asked me if i could take care of her children with a small amount of payment. Well, i didn't refuse it because besides my son has playmate i also make money out of it by taking care of her kids for couple of hours every weekdays.

Anyway, yesterday my husband was holding the two month old baby girl, the 4 year old big brother of that girl and my son was excited to hold the baby and put her in their arms. And hubby called me because he find our son so cute holding the baby. When i saw my son sitting in the couch and holding the baby i suddenly realized that he has grown so fast! He was once my baby and now he's carrying a baby! I felt sadness but at the same time proud to my son that he can hold a baby even though he is only a two year old boy he did held the baby pretty good.

See? My two year old boy is holding the two month old baby girl. So what do you think guys? Does he need a little sister or brother perhaps? Only God knows!

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Lily said...

Wow! that was amazing i think he needs a little sis :-) hehehe bitaw Dae Darlene kani sab akoa mo request na, ana siya I want a Baby Brother Mommy! I always got shocked when she talked like that. I told her Mommy and Daddy well try :-) Naga bantay sab ko kaya lang dako na noon siya 7yrs old. pag wala lang sab school. atleast naa kadula akong Bebe Girl. and at the same time kumikita rin. na sige Inday Darlene ari nako agi gyud ko dinhe para magpasalamt nimo sa kanunay nimong pag agi sa akong payag. wish u all a good thursday! take care always.