Friday, October 26, 2007

Seven Things

I got this tag From Ardeeboi my new online blogger friend. I just snagged this from him though and i revised it a little bit but i asked permission from him. In short,wa nako gikawat nananghid gyud ko hehehehe, Good morning friends!

Seven Characteristics That You Dislike the Most
* Hypocrites
* Pretenders
* Social Climber
* Proud
* Brag things of what she/he have
* Undisciplined Behavior
* Tackless

Seven Characteristics You Like the Most
* Loving
* Friendly
* Sweet
* Thoughtful
* Caring
* Disciplined
* Good observer

Seven Important Things In Your Room
* My purse
* Dress
* Shoes
* My Bed where i can lie down and sleep lol
* Blanket
* Pillow
* Lamp

Seven Random Facts About You
* Loving
* Friendly
* Generous
* Thougtful
* Caring
* Can be evil if provoked
* Can be your nightmare if you picked me lol!

Seven Things You Plan to Do Before You Die
* Make sure my family are in good hands
* Tell them how much i love them
* Go tour around the world with them
* Eat all of the food i wanted to eat
* Stay in a luxury Hotel
* Meet all the VIP People
* And of course thanking God for giving me the chance to live in this world

Seven Things You Can Do
* Can sew
* Can make Quilted blankets
* Can make scarfs
* Can take care of my family's needs
* Can cook
* Can drive
* Can sing and dance

Seven Things You Can't Do
* Skiing
* Sky diving
* Sports Activities
* Cannot leave the house without my purse
* Cannot leave the house without wearing perfume
* Don't know how to vacuum the floor
* Don't know how to mow the lawn

Seven Things You Find Attractive in the Opposite Sex
* Tantalizing eyes without MUTA
* Good in conversation
* Easy to get along with
* Simple
* Good singer
* Self-Disciplined
* And of course SMART

Seven Things You Say the Most
* Goodness sakes!
* What the Heck!
* Shoot!
* Oh My Gosh!
* Oh My God!
* What in the world!
* Really?

I am tagging Ivy, Anne, In-in, Recel And Juliana.

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Ivy Sterling said...

Tenk you mamu darl for passing this tag to me..ill post this alter na if duna nay opps ha.tenk u mwaaah