Friday, October 5, 2007

The Reason Of Existence

Sweet loving mommy of two little angels Jenny tagged on this.It's kinda tough question but i have to answer it.Hmmm,lemme think?

Jenny's Question: What do you think is the core reason of our existence in this world?

My Answer: Is Our BODY.The reason is for God Himself to be able to stand in the position of parents.In the incorporeal realm beings cannot procreate.Therefore,in order to become parents of human beings with bodies,God must have a "body." Otherwise,He cannot be the Creator.

My Question: If you will be given a chance to be an animal for a day what would you be & why?

I'm tagging:Ivy,Melody,Batang buutan & Ramses.


Melody said...

very well said, thanks darl. himoon nako soon

batang buotan said...

hehe.. thanks darlene.. ganahan gyod ko mohimo.. salamat.. enjoy your weekend..

weng said...

yea exactly ............ i congratulate you for being a good parent to your child. (child pa ba maam? usa ra imong anak?)

Lolli said...

muzta diha dae Darlene ma timing jud dire nga inig lili nako maapil pod ko ug kahubog sa imong tagay dae darlene hehehhe

Enjoy baya pod ning tagay noh? pero tapulan lang ko usahay mohimo :)

Happy weekend kaninyo diha tanan.

Ivy Sterling said...

tenk u darl ako ni himoon dayun pero ako lang usa e draf kay later na ni nako e post.

Shabem said...

Cool answers Darlene na tag pod ko ni Jen. Happy weekend!
Anyway, new born blog paki add ha. Thank You.

jennyr said...

nahuman na diay ka ani Darlz? thanks ha! yeah, that's a great answer! I mean, no answer is wrong for this q of mine, it's just so nice to know what u think and interesting to find out the answers!