Saturday, October 6, 2007

I Must Be Loved!

Lately i have been receiving so many awards given by my dear friends.I feel that i am loved & lucky to have many friends here online although i haven't met most them in person but i can tell they are good & kind hearted people.Yesterday i opened Janine's domain coz we agreed to some of our fellow bloggers that we must visit each other's sites everyday.Hope you guys can take a quick peek in her site too,she's so kind to give this award.It's just tells me that she is thinking of me.Thank you so much dae Janine,i sure appreciate you for being so thoughtful.

By the way,just to let you know guys that i just updated my other site's looks.Take a look!Please click the button below.

Thank you so much friends for taking a little time to visit me here,it is my pleasure to have you here.Have a great weekend!


kitty said...

aww, congrats! It'
s nice to know that there are wonderful friends out there kahit hindi pa tayo nag kikita sa personal, diba.. alam mong totoo ang friendship nila, walang halong biro. =) you deserved it!

Shabem said...

Well deserved you're so friendly man gud Darlz. Keep it up!

Heart of Rachel said...

Congratulations for another sweet recognition my friend. Have a blissful Sunday with your family.

recel said...

ah... pang-grandslam na yan Darl ha! kelan kaya ang Best Actress award, o miss photogenic! joke!!!

musta nga pala dyan? laag-laag lang ko diri.. have a great sunday to u!

jennyr said...

of course! u are always loved kse ur so thoughtful and sweet!