Thursday, October 11, 2007

Three Things In Me

I just snagged this tag from pretty friend IVY.Friends,if you feel like doing this tag just feel free to grab it.I won't stop you lol!

1. Three things I love~ Computers,Digicam & Video cam

2. Three things I hate~ Cigarrettes,Liqours & Bugs

3. Three things that scare me~ Death(since i am not ready yet),Wild Animals & one of my family will get sick so bad.

4. Three things I don't understand~When i feel sad my tears falls,When i'm furious i cry too & When i see people that are poor i cry too.

5. Three things on my desk~ Computer,Paper & Pen

6. Three things I am doing right now~Answering this tag,chatting with ivy & talking to my son.

7. Three things I can do~ Sewing,making scarfs,making quilt blankets

8. Three things I can't do~ Sky diving,flying without wings,swimming deep sea without gadgets

9. Three things on my to do list~ Groceries,Going to Circuit City Store & Going to Filipino Store

10. Three ways to describe my personality -Tough,Independent & Generous

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