Monday, October 1, 2007


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Anyway,here are some photos of most wackiest people in the world from new Guinness book of records.It just amazed me all the photos,that's why i decided to post this here to share it to you guys how amazing people they are.I found this when i opened the AOL News.

Lee Redmond of Utah has fingernails that reach a combined length of 24 feet 7 inches, netting her a spot in the book.
Xishun shakes hands with He Pingping, who at 2 feet 5 inches tall, has applied to be recognized as the shortest person in the world
China's Li Jianhua has set world records for pulling a car the longest distance with an ear and lifting the most weight with an ear
Leonid Stadnik, 37, stands at 8 feet 5 inches. The former veterinarian is now the world's tallest man, according to Guinness World Records. He lives in Ukraine
Sandy Allen, the world's tallest woman, gets a lift into a van in Shelbyville, Ind., last September. She is 7 feet 7 inches
Tran Van Hay of Vietnam is believed to have the world's longest hair, measuring over 20 feet, but it has yet to be verified. He hasn't had a haircut in more than 30 years
Earlier this month, 71 surfers in Cape Town, South Africa, claimed to break the record for most surfers to ride a single wave, but it has yet to be verified
Turkey's Mehmet Ozyurek has the world's longest nose, measuring nearly 3-1/2 inches
Aaron Studham of Massachusetts holds the record for highest hair at 24 inches
Stadnik is 8 inches taller than the former titleholder, China's Bao Xishun, above. He is 7 feet 9 inches
C. Manoharan of India first made the Guinness Book of World Records for swallowing 200 earthworms in 30 seconds. He's also bidding to set a record by flossing two snakes through one nostril
Switzerland's Marco Hort can fit 264 straws in his mouth, more than anyone else
On Thursday, more than 1,000 women gathered at Bondi Beach, Australia, to set a record for world's biggest swimsuit photo shoot.
Elaine Davidson, a Brazilian who lives in Scotland, holds the record for most body piercings at 4,250.

See how amazing people they are?Some are too much for me though just like that piercing woman & the snake woman i just can't stand it!


emzkie said...

oi ka kuyaw ba ana. hehehe.. karun pa ko kita anang negro na mukaon ug bituk. yayks! ew! hehehe... mu bisita ko aning bago nimo na blog sis..

Merydith said...

Darl kaluod atong snake uy. Anyways, I have something for you in my blogspot unya naa na sad ko question. Sa akong a small place of merydith ba wa ba jud to siyay background ? puti ra. Nakalimot man ko uy naa ba or wala sa tanto siguro tinutok hahaha. Take Care

batang buotan said...

hala, maka 'S' man sab ta sa formation sa mga babaye. ako lang ma-imagine, unsa kaha kung ingon ana kadaghan ang asawa ni bai ramses no? patay.. hehehe.. ambot lang!

Merydith said...

Darl ako jud sad-an ato ba walay lain. Naghilabot hibalot siguro ko naunsa ba kaha. Di na ba to siya ma upload ug usab ang background? Basin na delete to nako or naunsa kaha. Wa man gani ko nakabantay. Dugay na na siya ingon ana no? Sos ka TAN-G-A jud nako uy hahaha.

Mimi said...

They are definitely amazing! Yeah me too, I can't stand with the piercing one and the one with earthworm...ewww. But I do appreciate their different talents. Surely they are so gifted. Thanks for sharing this amazing photos. You did a great job researching. Take care. God bless you and your family always.

recel said...

they're absolutely and amazingly unique and ewww! lol! grabe nga mga tawo oi, walay mga lingaw sa ilang kinabuhi! lol.. hilabtanon kaayo ko ba? well, they truly deserve the fame they're having now kay ila man pud nga gi-haguan nang ilang gipangbuhat! :D

btw Darl, pwede mangutana unsaon pag-post ug pics nga pareho ani ug porma, kanang i-scroll down scroll down bitaw?

salamat Darl! i-add naku tong isa nimo ka blog later! have a great tuesday!!

Rissa said...

my goodness! kalood pod anang uban oi. katawa ko anang isa ba maau gani wala natanggal iyang dalunggan no, lol! sus pangit man pod diay ning taas kaau na ilong no, lol! maau nalang unta iyang gishare nako part sa iyang ilong kay para motaas taas pod ning akoa, lol! thanks for sharing this Darl. interesting kaau.

Shabem said...

Naka watch ko sa interview anang bae ay. Perti gyud nang nails niya sa Ellen De generes man guro to. Isang tan-aw nako murag lisod i touch ug mga butang2x ba hehehe... Such a strange woman!

Heart of Rachel said...

Thanks for sharing the link of your new blog. I already added it to my side bar. I enjoyed reading your posts there.

Oh my, some of those Guinness book of records photos are outrageous.

BTW, I tagged you on my blog (SEO meme).It's a good way to promote your blog too.

Take care!