Tuesday, October 9, 2007

I Am Still Shocked!

My goodness too much going on today!I've been very busy this day,we got our cable internet hooked up,got my hair done & attending fussy little girl.And the other big thing that happened today is i got approved from PPP,i am so happy & still shocked too!Oh well i guess all the beginners in PPP would feel like that too like i did.I just wanted to share this feeling to my friends,i have to burst this out so i will calm down,too much excitement,my adrenaline is too high right now.
Well i have to do something else now,thank you so much guys for always peeping by to my both sites,i sure appreciate your visit.God bless us all!


recel said...

hi Darl! oh wow!!! congrats sa approval sa PPP and welcome to this opps hunting! daghan na ta!!! lol

by the way, i have something for u in my blog, just check it and scroll down a little. that fabulous thing is for u! good night!

Cornucopia Chronicles said...

congrta Darls...you worth it!

Welcome to PPP world!

irel said...

welcome sa ppp world day darl:) ty for visiting and take care have a great day mwah

ladyracs said...

WOW congrats dae Darl and goodluck sa business world. Na highspped na gyud diay ka, wer naman ang new look?

♥Shabem®♥ said...

Congrats Darlz! It's sure fun.