Monday, October 15, 2007

Good Morning

Good morning Everyone!How are you today?Monday for me is a great day!While hubby's at work i can do lots of things at home like taking care of my son & do the house chores as well.Today i am waiting for a call from my sister in law who lives in Louisiana.She called me the other day & she said they were traveling & they stopped over in Texas.She told me that they will get here by Sunday night but since i haven't receive any calls yet it only means that they're not here yet or they already got here but they were tired from the long trip i guess that's why she didn't able to call me right away.That's ok though,i'll just wait for her call confirming they got here safely.I am so excited to see her though & the rest of her family.She's a good friend,we're very compatible to each other because we have lots of things in common.The last time i saw her was last Christmas.And now she is coming to see me again.So guys better go now need to do some things here at home.

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