Friday, October 12, 2007

Digital Cameras

When i first got here i had an old camera which is will be developed by film.But nowadays i don't see many people using film cameras since the digital camera was born in the world.When i had my first Christmas ever here my loving husband bought me a digital camera which i longed to have one & i finally got it.My camera now is 2 years old & still looking so nice & seems like it's still brand new.Digital camera is one of the nicest thing you're gonna get from someone who loves you like my hubby.He got me two boxes though he bought some accessories with it i've got a little purse that i called coz when i opened it i thought it's a coin purse but actually it's my camera case.

If you're interested in photography,i would suggest to go to this website that can answer all your questions about cameras,they have everything that you need in cameras.You'll be satisfied because they would like to know what kind of camera you want to own,the features & what's good thing about it is they give you some photography tips which is very nice coz you'll learn from it & you'll enhance your ability in photography.It's cool isn't it?I would not dare not to visit this website coz you're gonna miss this chance of having a customer satisfactory.

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