Saturday, October 13, 2007

Cheap Calling Cards

People living abroad & far from home like me are using phone cards coz if I use our direct home phone it’ll cost a whole lot to my poor hubby’s bills. That’s why I need to buy prepaid calling cards enable for me to talk to my family back home. I sometimes can’t help to call them twice in a week or if I’m trying to save up my money, I call them when it’s really necessary. But now I have no international calling cards, I am just texting them through internet but that’s not good enough coz I would want to hear their voice & makes me feel so happy knowing they’re ok back home that's why i am desperate to find a cheap calling cards.

When I saw this Pingo calling cards website, I am speechless. Can you imagine talking to your love ones in 5 hours? It is sounds so interesting, isn’t it? Here’s how, you have to sign up to their website enable for you to get their 5 hours free international calls. It’s so easy! Try it now before time runs out!

I’m sure you’re gonna love this website,it won’t give you trouble connecting to your love ones far from you unlike using other international calling cards that are tricky & poor connections. Pingo will make you happy!

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