Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Annoying Habits

Shabem got me tagged on this.I find it very cool to answer this because i can be annoying too to my family.Here's my tag Bem,thanks for tagging me.I am tagging Ivy,Anne,Janine,Haze,Rece,In-in & Vicky.

1.Sometimes when hubby talks to me,i just answered like,what are you talking about?Or what are you trying to say?Although i know what's in his mind already lol!

2.When my son asks me for milk then i'll asks him what's the magic word then he'll say "PLEASE" & still i won't get his milk it makes him so annoyed hahaha poor boy.

3.If i get mad or upset to my hubby i'll just ignore him like a wind,pretending he is not around & no matter what he is doing & he' s trying to get my attention still no effect to me hahahaha am i being so mean?Mean wife,poor hubby!

4.If i wanted to dance & sing my son just doesn't like me to do it & i'll keep doing it still & that's what makes him furious coz i keep doing it,sometimes i can be a teaser mom too hehehe.

5.Sometimes if we go out i would tell my husband that i forgot the key inside the house & the doors are all locked up,then he'll react,why did you forget it honey?hahaha silly me it's in purse though!Then he'll say you're not kidding me aren't you?hehehehe ok,ok it's in my purse don't panic hahahahaha,i'm just being silly to you.


♥Shabem®♥ said...

Hahaha 4 and 5 the same. Garaon pod ko ba. Permi mailad si hubby katawa ra pod ko after.
Masuko pod si Josh ug musayaw ug kanta ko. Teaser pod kaayo ko ba!

recel said...

haha! darl, ka-lisud pud ani nga tag oi! buotan man gud daw ko, wala daw koy annoying habit ingon si bana-na! duh... :D joke oi!

cge, i'll do this later nd let u know kung mahuman na.. thanks Darl!

ikaw kay bugoy kaaU ka, cge ka gara-gara sa imong hubby ha?! lol