Friday, October 29, 2010

Aphrodisiac Food, Is It True?

I must have gotten it from my father ever since when i was just a little girl that i love to eat spicy foods. I am not scared of any spicy food that's being offered to me or being served for i can eat it no problem. Some of my siblings doesn't eat spicy at all, they hate hot and spicy food, i don't! I absolutely love spicy food, no matter what it is, if it's just a treat, chips or maybe a main course. I grew up and used to eating spicy raw fish soaked in the vinegar mixed with tiny red peppers which is very hot and spicy.

But since i cannot get those kind here easy in America, i settled with Jalapeno peppers. I so love it! I always buy pickled jalapeno in the store and mix it with something i eat everyday. For me, it makes the food even tastier and good. But i was all surprised not too long ago that someone told me that a person who likes to eat spicy foods or maybe the jalapeno itself is one aggressive in bed. Jalapeno is one aphrodisiac food that can arouse someone to make love with their partners often times. No need to take those sexual enhancements if you like eating these kind of food.

But, i researched it myself and as what all the information i gathered, the great aphrodisiac is our mind. If we think that the certain food is aphrodisiac, then it will work, but if not, it won't! I myself don't really believe that eating spicy foods or eating spices can arouse your sexual interest. I love spicy foods but i am not an aggressive person, grabbing my partner to bed all the time, lol! Well, this topic is kind of embarrassing for me though since this is the first time i opened up about this, i am not use to it but oh well, i have to ask you all, is it really true? What about your opinion? What can you say about it that hot and spicy foods is aphrodisiac?

Monday, October 25, 2010

Steel Gym Building

My son likes it when it's time to go to gym during his school class. He keeps on telling me that he loves to go to their gym because it is wide and he is free to play with his classmates and do something fun. I was able to get in to their gym one time and i must say that my son is right, also how the gym was build, it's made by steel buildings that i am sure it is secured and a good built. I am so impressed how huge is their gym building, it's not just one class can enjoy the whole building but there are some grown ups too that were doing some exercise and some other gymnastics activities when i was there to watch my son play. I am glad i took my son to that school, he will learn a lot of sports activities in there i know.

Man And Woman

I should say that men and women are totally different in a lot of ways. Also totally different from interests, just like for example, the women loves to quilt and sew, decorate the house to keep it clean and neat. But men are more like outside work, such as mowing the yard, doing some painting, fixing broken things like if car has a problem or something, more on dirty jobs. It's funny sometimes that when a woman asks help from her man and tells him to hand her something like for example a seam ripper, i am sure that mostly men doesn't know what it looks like. And also the other way, if a man asks his woman to hand him an abrasives, then woman would not know what it looks like, don't we? That's why man and woman are meant to be together to help each other with the houseworks and everything.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Too Bad, The Weather Went Bad

The kids were so excited earlier especially my five year old one because it was all planned that today we are going to the park where the early trick or treating will be held. Around two o'clock in the afternoon we left here in the house and went to the said park. There was a whole lot of kids already wearing their favorite halloween costumes when we got there. There was a lot of booths that gives the children some treats. My five year old one got so excited even more when he saw the busy park filled with lots of kids running around, playing, trick or treating, face painting and some other exciting activities.

Too bad, the weather went bad, my kids was not able to enjoy the whole park. We were supposed to stay there until the sun goes down but it was too cold to stay in the park and we already felt some rain drops so we hurried and got in the car and came back home. But i am still glad that my kids got some treats while we were there and was able to take some pictures. I did not let them wear their costumes because there was a contest going on in there and i know that their costumes are not gonna win for there was more fancy costumes than my kids's. So, here are some snaps i got while they are enjoying the fun things going on in the park.
Face paintingFace paintingMy face painted boysMy face painted boysMy face painted boysMy face painted boys

Friday, October 22, 2010

Construction Employment

As i was reading the newspaper i got yesterday from the mail, i thought that just for fun i would read the classified ads page. Then i saw the construction employment, i was all surprised that until to this season they are still hiring some people that are willing to work for them even though the weather is getting cold and starts to be freezing. The son of my friend's husband works in a construction and he said that it is very heavy job and so exhausting. He gets to work early and gets off late. I am just too glad that hubby doesn't work that long hours, he would surely miss half of the day everyday being with us his family which is not so good.

New Barcode Scanner

I just barely got back from the store buying some groceries. It was my first time to grocery shop since i got back here in our house and there is one thing i noticed about the changes of the store that we usually go to, the barcode scanner. They are brand new and more advanced. I love how it works for it is a lot faster than the old one they used to have. I cannot complain anymore that sometimes i get stuck in the middle of big lines because their scanner doesn't read anymore like it is supposed to. Now they all replaced every cashier's lane and i am glad that cashing out all the groceries is not a headache anymore.

Nutrition Support

Vitamins doesn't really work if you are just depending on it by itself. I thought that taking multivitamins can replace the nutritions that i should get everyday but then no, i was wrong. When i searched and learn more about it, i am glad i read all those informations because my knowledge was not enough about taking multivitamins. Now that i know the facts and the effect to me, i have to support the vitamins i am taking with the nutiritious food as well. Just like dieting, it doesn't work when you are eating like there is no tomorrow while taking the pills, you've got to have self discipline when it comes to eating habit.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

GAP Casting Call 2010

I have never entered a contest before especially if my kids are involved. But this morning there's someone posted a link in a networking website that caught my attention. It's about the casting call 2010 of GAP company. So i clicked the link and it led me to the site where i saw lots of cutie kids are registered, aspiring models hoping they will win the contest to become a model of GAP company. I was thinking that it's a good way of exposing the kids to become a star!

So i decided to register and entered my little potato to the contest. This is my very first time though, there's no harm in trying and no pain in my pocket since there is no fee or charges that i need to pay to get my son registered for the said contest. So here his photo which i entered for the GAP casting call 2010. If you are a resident here in United States, you are so qualified to vote daily, yes, it is a daily voting and the voting will end on October 24, 2010. The more votes he gets the higher chance he will win. So please guys, i need your help, just click the "FAN VOTE" button at the bottom right of his picture, above the "LIKE" button. The more votes he gets, the better. And i would appreciate it so much if you click the button everyday. Thank you so much!!!

Here's his entry:CLICK THIS LINK


Will Replace It Soon

That's it! I had enough with our toilet bowl in our master's bedroom. It always clogs and floods. It hasn't been used for a long time and now it is starting to clog, probably because there was something that's blocking the pipe. Anyway, it's an old one though so i am thinking that it will good to replace the toilet itself. I have been looking for different selection of toilets that will match to our master's bedroom bathroom. I can't wait to replace it because the other bathroom is by the living room and i have to run over there during at night when i wake up to respond the call of nature.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Website Directory Submission

I was so impressed and amazed how some other blogger maintained their website with lots of traffic. Mine is not that bad though but not as heavy traffic like the other very good bloggers. I wanted to gain that kind of traffic in my website though. So i asked some blogger that i knew and they told me that i need to go to a website directory submission so to get my websites some traffic. Also, it will be easily find by people that are looking for something. I am glad i talked to one of my fellow blogger, she advised me to do this, because if not for her, i would not find it out how to gain more traffic and my website will be recognized by some other bloggers or maybe some people that are browsing for something.

It's Time For Me

Before i had my two boys, i don't really take multivitamin for myself because in my mind, i don't need it, i still am as healthy as bug. Even though i worked so hard when i was still single, even i felt sometimes that i really need to take vitamins, i didn't do it. Now that i have two active boys that wears me out everyday, i should say that it's time for me to take some vitamins to keep me healthy despite of all the chores and everything that i need to do everyday. I am not getting any younger i should say and sometimes i can now feel some aches in my body that i never felt before. So this only means that vitamins is now needed for me so to keep me going everyday. Don't you guys feels the same way too? I am a wonder woman but i need to take one vitamins a day so i can move fast, lol!

Monday, October 18, 2010

My Little Man, My Model

Happy bug
Here comes my model again! There's nothing really that much to do here in the house and besides, we are still enjoying the very nice weather here in Utah while it's still here. Also, taking pictures is my only medicine of my home sickness. I really love taking pictures as possible as i can and as much as i can. I don't miss a day not getting my camera on work and keep on clicking the button. So, since his big brother is at school during weekdays, and after i take him to school, only potato and i will be left behind.

I also am taking advantage of this little man of mine since he doesn't know how to complain yet, unlike his big brother that runs away every time he sees me holding my camera. He always tells me that he had enough taking pictures, so i can't really chase him and forced him to sit or give me a sweet smile so i can take a picture of him, unless he will do it willingly. Besides, i already had tons of photos of him anyway, so i guess it's his baby brother's turn now.

Sunday, October 17, 2010

It Doesn't Work That Way

Gaining so much weight is really under your control. If you have discipline on your eating habit, then you won't encounter problem of getting so big. A lot of people are now dependent of diet pills and some other things that could possibly help them to maintain the weight that they wanted to have. But some of them are doing it wrong. They eat too much while they are taking diet pills as well. That i don't think works that way. You've got to be more strict of what you intake. Some people are also hoping they will get rid some of their unwanted weight by taking over the counter appetite suppressants so to lessen their appetite on eating. I myself can stand not eating three meals a day, but that doesn't mean i have to double my meal because i skipped one meal in a day. In fact, i can live a day without eating heavy food, i can just deal with light food such as vegetables and fruits.

Business Life Insurance

Hubby mentioned earlier that his co worker is now quitting his job where they work. He wondered why, and finally found out that he is doing so great by selling life insurance for business. We talked about it a little bit and thought how would it like be to have that kind of job. Well i guess it depends on people's guts and how he deals with the possible customer. Even though i don't really know a whole lot of this field but i am sure a good smart talkative person could easily convince his possible customer to get the business life insurance instead of something else. Both hubby and i are not the business type kind of person, we are so hesitant to meet people that might reject our deals and we'll be discouraged later on. But his co worker is doing good about this, so i must say he is good at it.

Old And New Photos

scan0013Yours truly at Mantua Lake
Is there a big changes between the two photos above? Or no changes at all? lol! How i wish! The first photo was taken when i was just about eighteen years old while the second photo taken just recently, to be exact it was taken two weeks ago. The first photo was the one i sent to my fiance' which is my husband now, way back seven years ago while we were still writing each other (we both don't know how to chat in the computer then, so we were using the old way to communicate). We have been writing for awhile that time and my aunt told me that i need to send him a picture of me. But i refused at first because i was thinking "why should i? Since he never did send me his picture either!" But my aunt said that i should be the one to send one to him instead because men doesn't usually likes to send pictures to women.

So i did. I was all surprised that he phoned me and told me that he will be there in my country in a week to see me in person! Huh! That quick? I was not able to ready myself to meet him then. A week after came, my aunt's husband (her ex now) accompanied me at the airport with my friend to pick my fiance' up. I hid at my aunt's husband's back because i was a little nervous of our first meeting. He looked for me soon as he saw my aunt's husband. And he smiled when he saw me hiding that big person in front of me. If i am still petite today, then i should say i was more lighter before, so skinny and tiny. I am glad things worked out for us really well. Now we are happily married for six years and blessed of two boys (with our angel daughter watching us over).

I compared these two photos because hubby told me that i did not changed at all. Same as he first saw me seven years ago. I was so flattered when he told me that, but then i am telling myself that "Of course hubby will tell me that! He is my husband and i am his wife!" But still, i can't help to compare my looks way back over eleven years ago. I'd say that there are some changes but not a whole lot, i hope so, lol!

Friday, October 15, 2010

RV Insurance Quote

I was so upset that hubby got a very old car to replace his another junk car. Well, he did not tell me how old it was until i came back here. Few days ago it got broken and it did not start. So i got so mad even more for buying that stupid junk. So i told him to take that junk back to the guy who sold it to him. He did, and i told him that i found some nice car online that he can look at it. So he called our insurance company and asked how much should he pay for the insurance of the used car he is about to get. Talking about insurance he also asked how much are the insurance of the RV's that's why the insurance guy gave him rv insurance quote. I have no idea why he asked that, i don't think we are going to get one. Maybe it's just one of his friend that has plan to get RV, i dunno.

I Am Nurse Somehow

As they always say, time sure flies! Yes, indeed it does! My cousin that just barely graduated for nursing degree had just held her thanksgiving party. And now that she finally got her license as a nurse, she is starting to look for a good paying job. She once asked me if i know some healthcare jobs that are now hiring here. Actually, i am not so familiar with the hirings but because she is my cousin i will start to look for jobs that will fit to her degree. I once dreamed to be a nurse, wearing those white shirt, skirt and the cap on top of my head. But my dream vanished like a dust when my mother told me that she cannot send me to college due to our financial status. Well, somehow i became a nurse though, to my own family especially to my kiddos.

Vitamins For Me

I grew up myself not used to take those daily multi vitamins. Well, i guess i grew healthy. My mother attempted to give us some vitamins before but that was only once. Now that i became a mother myself, i now understood what my mom tried to do long time ago when we were just little kids. And now that i am grown, i realized that i should've practiced myself to take those multi vitamins daily so to keep me healthy and active. I must say it is not too late yet, i still have plenty of time to do that and i am planning to take some vitamins soon as i can. I do need it now to keep me going knowing i have two kids to take care of and house chores to do.

Beautiful Chocolate Hills

I am not going to take the credit of this photography above even if i was the one who took this photo over 6 years ago. It was a filmed camera that i used when i took this shot. It's a scanned old picture that i found in my files. It was my husband and i's first met when i had this picture. It wasn't my first time visiting this very amazing view of Bohol, located at the south part of Philippines. I took my husband over there (which was my fiance' during this time) so he can see himself the beauty of Philippines.

This is just one of several amazing places that you can find in Philippines. In fact, last two years ago we went to the underground river in Palawan and witnessed the amazing creation of stalactite formations. It would be too much for me to specify them one by one. But if you are interested yourself, find it out and visit Philippines so you will see it in your own eyes. For now, this is all i can share to you, the beautiful place of Bohol called Chocolate Hills. It is called that way as you can see, it's all bunch of hills and it turns chocolate brown when Philippines gets really hot temperature.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Unique House

There's one house that always gets my attention whenever i pass to that street, very unique and looking so antique kind. It's very interesting because it's one of a kind, very unusual to me. I was all surprised when i found out that the wife is also Asian like me. So i was able to see her house inside and out. I have never seen a house like hers, just new to me. Everything is very unique, including the sinks, they have the copper farmhouse sinks. The house looks so old but it's new though, it's just the style and the paint that makes it looks so unique and old. Perfect for halloween venue though because it looks creepy to me. She likes to party anyway, so that's a good spacious looking house.

Smart Shopper Me

Women can't really help to shop, can we? That's one of woman's weakness, can't resist not to shop. I admit that i am one shopaholic woman, but i would say that i am a little smart when it comes to shopping, why? Here's my strategy, i shop whenever the holiday is over or the season is over. That time, the stores always drop down their price to the most affordable price you could ever get. And i love to shop during those times because i can get as much as i want to. Just like the sweaters i bought last summer time. They are not so expensive, yet the quality is irresistible! So how's that? Isn't that being a smart shopper? Some of my friends got my idea how to shop, and now they always tell me to let them know whenever i feel like shopping somewhere so they can go with me. Yay! Smart friends i have too!

Ready For Winter?

Winter is coming!!! Who can stop it? haha, no one can of course! Silly me, am i? Time to get things ready inside the house to keep warm for the whole winter season! I somewhat love the coming winter season though but on the other hand, i also hate it. The effect of too much cold temperature affects me, i get hives whenever i feel like i am freezing. That's why i love to just wrap myself up and stay inside the house instead. My friends laugh at me every time i go to their houses because i almost stick myself to their Fireplace screens making sure that i will keep myself warm enough quickly. I was born in a country that has tropical weather, so my body is used to it and longed for it. That's why i have mix emotions when winter comes.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Breath Taking Scenery

One thing i miss about here in Utah when i was in Philippines is the beautiful scenery. No one could ever replace Utah in my heart when it comes to breath taking views. Here in up north we have beautiful canyon close to where we live, where you can see the turning colors of the leaves during fall. Also, the lake that is so inviting and calm to the eyes. Not to mention the big mountains that covered us to protect us from strong winds.

There in southern part, they also have amazing views that tourists would like to go to. In fact, every year there's a whole of tourists that goes there just to see the beautiful amazing creation of our big BOSS that it's like a painting. So anyway, to take advantage of the stunning views here in Utah, i took some snaps of it. This photo below was taken at my best friend's backyard. She is very lucky, for her house is located where there's farm, beautiful wild flowers and beautiful mountains like this!
The beauty of UTAH!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Hormone Replacement Therapy

Getting old is one thing, that's the most common issue i often heard from older people that it's not fun to be an old person. Their memory is starting to lose, they start to get weak and can't do things unlike what they have used to. I consider myself to not that old category, in fact i am still young. Hormone replacement therapy is one helpful for older people to maintain their well being. Maybe this is what my mother needs. She is been complaining about herself because she cannot do things like she used to before. I kept on reminding her that she is not getting any younger and her body isn't that strong to do the things she love. Now that i found this out, this might be the help my mother would need. I will ask my sister about this so she can help me understand better about this matter.

A-tih! A-tih!

My one year old boy doesn't quite know how to talk yet. Though i am trying to teach him how but he is kind of a little late compared to his big brother. When his big brother turned a year old he could already say some few words, like Mommy, Daddy, Eat, Drink, Sleep and etc. But not this boy, he quite a handful one but can't talk what he likes to tell me yet. There was one time that i tried to let him copy me by saying Mom-my, but he instead say A-tih! Which means it's a big sister. I was laughing my head off upon hearing him say that word, wasn't really expecting that. It made me flattered though but i am sure he doesn't know what he just said. So still until now, i am trying to teach him few easy words that he can easily remember. Silly boy, i am no your sister, i am your mother, for heaven's sake!

Excited For Shopping

Here we come again! My very dearest best friend called me up and asked me what i am going to do this coming Black Friday. Since i was gone for a long long time, she wanted to go with me to shop! She's never been to the mall since i left! Poor girl! She must be bored to death during weekends! So she was so excited to go with me, she could not even wait because she has some things that she wanted to get in there. Well, honestly i don't feel like shopping though because i just barely got back from a long vacation and i am kinda out of budget right now but it will be good if i just go with her and be her company. At least we get to bond and have fun time together.

Affordable Car Insurance

It's time to register our cars again, it's going to be a very expensive month for us because we have to pay some bills too at the same time. Good thing we have cheap car insurance that is reliable and dependable. We have it for a long time now and we encountered no troubles with it so we are happy to stick to our car insurance. We have seen so many car insurances that are being advertised on the television but we decided not to switch since the insurance we have has excellent service and also affordable. It just fits to our budget, besides we don't need high priced car insurance since we don't have any violations or something, and i hope not though.

Heated Mattress Pad

We haven't turned on the heater yet but we will very soon. As of now i am using the heated mattress pads to keep me warm and so as hubby. It isn't terribly that chilly during the day that's why we don't really need the furnace to be turned on that early, it only cools down during at night. So using it is very helpful to me since i get cold very easy. Hubby always tells me i have cold feet which is actually means, hesitant. But no, i really have cold feet during at night even during summertime. I don't know why my feet gets cold so easy. A friend of mine told me to wear socks so to keep my feet warm, but i guess i am too lazy to do that, instead i just curl myself up inside the heated mattress pad and then i am good!

Dead Tired Woman

Have you tried to fly with kiddos with you? I mean the real long trip like one whole day? Well, i have few times. After all the long flight it makes me feel like an over riped banana or maybe rotten banana. I don't feel regret flying though because after all the very exhausting trip, i am able to enjoy the time being with my family back home. They miss me and so do i. What's good thing about going to my country for a vacation is, i get to have someone that can take care of my kids while i rest and relax. This photo below was taken by my niece. I just barely got there with my two boys. I was so dead tired woman then and did not even realized my niece took some snaps of me sleeping, looks like i was really exhausted on this photo and maybe snoring, lol!. This is my simple hut that was built over two years ago. Very simple yet very cozy and relaxing place to stay. You can actually feel the breeze squeezes in between those bamboo sticks as a bench's wall.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Advanced Technology

I must say that i am really behind with these new technology that are now in the market. I can't believe what the technology can do nowadays, more advanced and enhanced. Just like the scanner software that my brother bought, i really don't have any idea about it until he told me about it and showed it to me. Also, younger generation are more into technology, for they grew up with it, definitely not me! I am trying to catch up what's new though but still technology does surprised me with all these things popping out in the market. Most of them are just so amazing, i did not thing that technology can do such things. Well, i must applaud to those smart brains that invented all of these.

Security Cameras

Now that my brother's internet cafe is starting to operate, he is looking forward for a good start. I am so happy for him that his dream finally came true. We helped him a little bit of it and he was all so thankful to us. He said that when he can save some money soon, he wants to put some security cameras to his internet place. To make sure of the safety of the computers inside. Although he should not get so worried too much about it for it is just right in front of electric company which is surrounded by some security guards carrying rifles. So he told me that it's better to have one camera inside and one in the outside. Well, i see nothing wrong with it, hope he will be able to buy what he likes to put in there.

Personalized Tote Bags

Don't i love tote bags! I love it because it is very handy and very easy to carry. Also not so complicated to put things inside it. Especially that i have a little one that i always carry his things with me such as diapers, wet wipes and bottles. This promotional tote bags i saw online is just perfect for me to replace my old one. What i love most about it is personalized, either i can put my name on it or maybe my kiddos's name. Isn't it so cute when you own a thing that has your name on it? Well, i love to put my name of everything i own. That way, i will be able to recognize it very easy if ever i lose it somewhere or if someone finds it, i can just tell them so easily that the thing belongs to me.

Beautiful Mantua Lake

Aren't i glad that we came back here in Utah and still the warm weather welcomed us. I was really expecting to have a cooler weather since October is already here. Usually, even early September, we already get below 40 degrees Fahrenheit temperature. But it is very surprising that this year the summer lasted until first week of October. According to the news report, the temperature will drop down next week and we are going to have storms coming up. Well, i am prepared for that now, i was just so thankful that when we came here, the warm weather was still here. I was worried about the kids, they might get surprised of a sudden weather change, from hot humid to cold weather all of the sudden. Well, what i am thankful for about having a warm weather when we got here is, we were able to enjoy the lake of Mantua while it is not frozen and cold yet. I took some snaps of it. Here's one of those snaps i got.
The Beautiful Mantua Lake

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Bathroom Sink

I have been complaining about our bathroom sink before i left here for a long vacation in the Philippines because it sometimes clogs on me. So when i got back i was all surprised that finally, hubby replaced everything here in the house that are needed to be replaced. I am so glad to see the sink is now new and looking shiny. Hubby said the bathroom sink is been there since he bought this house and i am assuming that the previous owner of this had it for a long time already. Well, what do you expect? Guys don't really usually care about things inside the house, they don't notice things not unless wife will start to complain. But glad to see the sink is now working and looking pretty like me, just kidding.

Replacing Old Mattress

Time to replace my youngest's mattress! He always pour something on it and the poor bed of his is getting ugly and worn out. Anyway, it wasn't new when he was born though, we had it since his big brother was born so i guess he deserves a new one. It has been like what? 5 years? Yup, sure that's right! My little one is a wiggly piggly boy and he likes jumping on his bed, and that made the bed looked worst. Hubby said we will get the mattress within next week so we can get rid of the old one, it's tearing apart now. We really thought that the mattress will last until our youngest one is big enough to have his new bed, we were thinking that when he turns two years old we are going to move him to another room, but i guess we'll have to move him this time due to his bed. This boy is totally different from his big brother, my eldest is quieter and more calm, that's probably why the mattress still looks good until he outgrew it.

Friday, October 1, 2010

Neat Looking Young Man

Brand does not really matter to me at all, but the comfort is. I don't care whatever brand it is as long as i am comfortable wearing it and of course the price issue. I am a shopaholic myself but a reasonable one. As they always say, it only depends on how you carry it or how you wear it. But boy, not my youngest brother! He likes to get the most latest and stylish one. He looks good on it though, so it's worth it. Now he is eyeing to this polo boots that he saw and showed it to me. Well, i don't see any reason why he should not get it. I know he will get this and he already knew that it will look good on his feet matching with his branded clothing. He is one fashionable guy, i must admit even though he is not that good looking young man, but he's got a lot of admirer because he dressed nice all the time.