Friday, October 8, 2010

Dead Tired Woman

Have you tried to fly with kiddos with you? I mean the real long trip like one whole day? Well, i have few times. After all the long flight it makes me feel like an over riped banana or maybe rotten banana. I don't feel regret flying though because after all the very exhausting trip, i am able to enjoy the time being with my family back home. They miss me and so do i. What's good thing about going to my country for a vacation is, i get to have someone that can take care of my kids while i rest and relax. This photo below was taken by my niece. I just barely got there with my two boys. I was so dead tired woman then and did not even realized my niece took some snaps of me sleeping, looks like i was really exhausted on this photo and maybe snoring, lol!. This is my simple hut that was built over two years ago. Very simple yet very cozy and relaxing place to stay. You can actually feel the breeze squeezes in between those bamboo sticks as a bench's wall.

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