Friday, October 1, 2010

Neat Looking Young Man

Brand does not really matter to me at all, but the comfort is. I don't care whatever brand it is as long as i am comfortable wearing it and of course the price issue. I am a shopaholic myself but a reasonable one. As they always say, it only depends on how you carry it or how you wear it. But boy, not my youngest brother! He likes to get the most latest and stylish one. He looks good on it though, so it's worth it. Now he is eyeing to this polo boots that he saw and showed it to me. Well, i don't see any reason why he should not get it. I know he will get this and he already knew that it will look good on his feet matching with his branded clothing. He is one fashionable guy, i must admit even though he is not that good looking young man, but he's got a lot of admirer because he dressed nice all the time.

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