Saturday, October 2, 2010

Replacing Old Mattress

Time to replace my youngest's mattress! He always pour something on it and the poor bed of his is getting ugly and worn out. Anyway, it wasn't new when he was born though, we had it since his big brother was born so i guess he deserves a new one. It has been like what? 5 years? Yup, sure that's right! My little one is a wiggly piggly boy and he likes jumping on his bed, and that made the bed looked worst. Hubby said we will get the mattress within next week so we can get rid of the old one, it's tearing apart now. We really thought that the mattress will last until our youngest one is big enough to have his new bed, we were thinking that when he turns two years old we are going to move him to another room, but i guess we'll have to move him this time due to his bed. This boy is totally different from his big brother, my eldest is quieter and more calm, that's probably why the mattress still looks good until he outgrew it.

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