Sunday, October 17, 2010

Old And New Photos

scan0013Yours truly at Mantua Lake
Is there a big changes between the two photos above? Or no changes at all? lol! How i wish! The first photo was taken when i was just about eighteen years old while the second photo taken just recently, to be exact it was taken two weeks ago. The first photo was the one i sent to my fiance' which is my husband now, way back seven years ago while we were still writing each other (we both don't know how to chat in the computer then, so we were using the old way to communicate). We have been writing for awhile that time and my aunt told me that i need to send him a picture of me. But i refused at first because i was thinking "why should i? Since he never did send me his picture either!" But my aunt said that i should be the one to send one to him instead because men doesn't usually likes to send pictures to women.

So i did. I was all surprised that he phoned me and told me that he will be there in my country in a week to see me in person! Huh! That quick? I was not able to ready myself to meet him then. A week after came, my aunt's husband (her ex now) accompanied me at the airport with my friend to pick my fiance' up. I hid at my aunt's husband's back because i was a little nervous of our first meeting. He looked for me soon as he saw my aunt's husband. And he smiled when he saw me hiding that big person in front of me. If i am still petite today, then i should say i was more lighter before, so skinny and tiny. I am glad things worked out for us really well. Now we are happily married for six years and blessed of two boys (with our angel daughter watching us over).

I compared these two photos because hubby told me that i did not changed at all. Same as he first saw me seven years ago. I was so flattered when he told me that, but then i am telling myself that "Of course hubby will tell me that! He is my husband and i am his wife!" But still, i can't help to compare my looks way back over eleven years ago. I'd say that there are some changes but not a whole lot, i hope so, lol!

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Anonymous said...

I think you didn't change at all....You look exactly like you're still 18.