Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Breath Taking Scenery

One thing i miss about here in Utah when i was in Philippines is the beautiful scenery. No one could ever replace Utah in my heart when it comes to breath taking views. Here in up north we have beautiful canyon close to where we live, where you can see the turning colors of the leaves during fall. Also, the lake that is so inviting and calm to the eyes. Not to mention the big mountains that covered us to protect us from strong winds.

There in southern part, they also have amazing views that tourists would like to go to. In fact, every year there's a whole of tourists that goes there just to see the beautiful amazing creation of our big BOSS that it's like a painting. So anyway, to take advantage of the stunning views here in Utah, i took some snaps of it. This photo below was taken at my best friend's backyard. She is very lucky, for her house is located where there's farm, beautiful wild flowers and beautiful mountains like this!
The beauty of UTAH!

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