Thursday, October 14, 2010

Unique House

There's one house that always gets my attention whenever i pass to that street, very unique and looking so antique kind. It's very interesting because it's one of a kind, very unusual to me. I was all surprised when i found out that the wife is also Asian like me. So i was able to see her house inside and out. I have never seen a house like hers, just new to me. Everything is very unique, including the sinks, they have the copper farmhouse sinks. The house looks so old but it's new though, it's just the style and the paint that makes it looks so unique and old. Perfect for halloween venue though because it looks creepy to me. She likes to party anyway, so that's a good spacious looking house.

1 comment:

Rox said...

It would be way cooler if you took a snapshot of the house. ^^
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