Thursday, October 14, 2010

Smart Shopper Me

Women can't really help to shop, can we? That's one of woman's weakness, can't resist not to shop. I admit that i am one shopaholic woman, but i would say that i am a little smart when it comes to shopping, why? Here's my strategy, i shop whenever the holiday is over or the season is over. That time, the stores always drop down their price to the most affordable price you could ever get. And i love to shop during those times because i can get as much as i want to. Just like the sweaters i bought last summer time. They are not so expensive, yet the quality is irresistible! So how's that? Isn't that being a smart shopper? Some of my friends got my idea how to shop, and now they always tell me to let them know whenever i feel like shopping somewhere so they can go with me. Yay! Smart friends i have too!

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