Monday, October 18, 2010

My Little Man, My Model

Happy bug
Here comes my model again! There's nothing really that much to do here in the house and besides, we are still enjoying the very nice weather here in Utah while it's still here. Also, taking pictures is my only medicine of my home sickness. I really love taking pictures as possible as i can and as much as i can. I don't miss a day not getting my camera on work and keep on clicking the button. So, since his big brother is at school during weekdays, and after i take him to school, only potato and i will be left behind.

I also am taking advantage of this little man of mine since he doesn't know how to complain yet, unlike his big brother that runs away every time he sees me holding my camera. He always tells me that he had enough taking pictures, so i can't really chase him and forced him to sit or give me a sweet smile so i can take a picture of him, unless he will do it willingly. Besides, i already had tons of photos of him anyway, so i guess it's his baby brother's turn now.

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