Tuesday, October 19, 2010

It's Time For Me

Before i had my two boys, i don't really take multivitamin for myself because in my mind, i don't need it, i still am as healthy as bug. Even though i worked so hard when i was still single, even i felt sometimes that i really need to take vitamins, i didn't do it. Now that i have two active boys that wears me out everyday, i should say that it's time for me to take some vitamins to keep me healthy despite of all the chores and everything that i need to do everyday. I am not getting any younger i should say and sometimes i can now feel some aches in my body that i never felt before. So this only means that vitamins is now needed for me so to keep me going everyday. Don't you guys feels the same way too? I am a wonder woman but i need to take one vitamins a day so i can move fast, lol!

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