Friday, October 15, 2010

RV Insurance Quote

I was so upset that hubby got a very old car to replace his another junk car. Well, he did not tell me how old it was until i came back here. Few days ago it got broken and it did not start. So i got so mad even more for buying that stupid junk. So i told him to take that junk back to the guy who sold it to him. He did, and i told him that i found some nice car online that he can look at it. So he called our insurance company and asked how much should he pay for the insurance of the used car he is about to get. Talking about insurance he also asked how much are the insurance of the RV's that's why the insurance guy gave him rv insurance quote. I have no idea why he asked that, i don't think we are going to get one. Maybe it's just one of his friend that has plan to get RV, i dunno.

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