Friday, October 8, 2010

Heated Mattress Pad

We haven't turned on the heater yet but we will very soon. As of now i am using the heated mattress pads to keep me warm and so as hubby. It isn't terribly that chilly during the day that's why we don't really need the furnace to be turned on that early, it only cools down during at night. So using it is very helpful to me since i get cold very easy. Hubby always tells me i have cold feet which is actually means, hesitant. But no, i really have cold feet during at night even during summertime. I don't know why my feet gets cold so easy. A friend of mine told me to wear socks so to keep my feet warm, but i guess i am too lazy to do that, instead i just curl myself up inside the heated mattress pad and then i am good!

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