Friday, October 15, 2010

Beautiful Chocolate Hills

I am not going to take the credit of this photography above even if i was the one who took this photo over 6 years ago. It was a filmed camera that i used when i took this shot. It's a scanned old picture that i found in my files. It was my husband and i's first met when i had this picture. It wasn't my first time visiting this very amazing view of Bohol, located at the south part of Philippines. I took my husband over there (which was my fiance' during this time) so he can see himself the beauty of Philippines.

This is just one of several amazing places that you can find in Philippines. In fact, last two years ago we went to the underground river in Palawan and witnessed the amazing creation of stalactite formations. It would be too much for me to specify them one by one. But if you are interested yourself, find it out and visit Philippines so you will see it in your own eyes. For now, this is all i can share to you, the beautiful place of Bohol called Chocolate Hills. It is called that way as you can see, it's all bunch of hills and it turns chocolate brown when Philippines gets really hot temperature.

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