Sunday, October 17, 2010

It Doesn't Work That Way

Gaining so much weight is really under your control. If you have discipline on your eating habit, then you won't encounter problem of getting so big. A lot of people are now dependent of diet pills and some other things that could possibly help them to maintain the weight that they wanted to have. But some of them are doing it wrong. They eat too much while they are taking diet pills as well. That i don't think works that way. You've got to be more strict of what you intake. Some people are also hoping they will get rid some of their unwanted weight by taking over the counter appetite suppressants so to lessen their appetite on eating. I myself can stand not eating three meals a day, but that doesn't mean i have to double my meal because i skipped one meal in a day. In fact, i can live a day without eating heavy food, i can just deal with light food such as vegetables and fruits.

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