Thursday, October 7, 2010

Beautiful Mantua Lake

Aren't i glad that we came back here in Utah and still the warm weather welcomed us. I was really expecting to have a cooler weather since October is already here. Usually, even early September, we already get below 40 degrees Fahrenheit temperature. But it is very surprising that this year the summer lasted until first week of October. According to the news report, the temperature will drop down next week and we are going to have storms coming up. Well, i am prepared for that now, i was just so thankful that when we came here, the warm weather was still here. I was worried about the kids, they might get surprised of a sudden weather change, from hot humid to cold weather all of the sudden. Well, what i am thankful for about having a warm weather when we got here is, we were able to enjoy the lake of Mantua while it is not frozen and cold yet. I took some snaps of it. Here's one of those snaps i got.
The Beautiful Mantua Lake

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