Saturday, October 23, 2010

Too Bad, The Weather Went Bad

The kids were so excited earlier especially my five year old one because it was all planned that today we are going to the park where the early trick or treating will be held. Around two o'clock in the afternoon we left here in the house and went to the said park. There was a whole lot of kids already wearing their favorite halloween costumes when we got there. There was a lot of booths that gives the children some treats. My five year old one got so excited even more when he saw the busy park filled with lots of kids running around, playing, trick or treating, face painting and some other exciting activities.

Too bad, the weather went bad, my kids was not able to enjoy the whole park. We were supposed to stay there until the sun goes down but it was too cold to stay in the park and we already felt some rain drops so we hurried and got in the car and came back home. But i am still glad that my kids got some treats while we were there and was able to take some pictures. I did not let them wear their costumes because there was a contest going on in there and i know that their costumes are not gonna win for there was more fancy costumes than my kids's. So, here are some snaps i got while they are enjoying the fun things going on in the park.
Face paintingFace paintingMy face painted boysMy face painted boysMy face painted boysMy face painted boys

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