Friday, October 29, 2010

Aphrodisiac Food, Is It True?

I must have gotten it from my father ever since when i was just a little girl that i love to eat spicy foods. I am not scared of any spicy food that's being offered to me or being served for i can eat it no problem. Some of my siblings doesn't eat spicy at all, they hate hot and spicy food, i don't! I absolutely love spicy food, no matter what it is, if it's just a treat, chips or maybe a main course. I grew up and used to eating spicy raw fish soaked in the vinegar mixed with tiny red peppers which is very hot and spicy.

But since i cannot get those kind here easy in America, i settled with Jalapeno peppers. I so love it! I always buy pickled jalapeno in the store and mix it with something i eat everyday. For me, it makes the food even tastier and good. But i was all surprised not too long ago that someone told me that a person who likes to eat spicy foods or maybe the jalapeno itself is one aggressive in bed. Jalapeno is one aphrodisiac food that can arouse someone to make love with their partners often times. No need to take those sexual enhancements if you like eating these kind of food.

But, i researched it myself and as what all the information i gathered, the great aphrodisiac is our mind. If we think that the certain food is aphrodisiac, then it will work, but if not, it won't! I myself don't really believe that eating spicy foods or eating spices can arouse your sexual interest. I love spicy foods but i am not an aggressive person, grabbing my partner to bed all the time, lol! Well, this topic is kind of embarrassing for me though since this is the first time i opened up about this, i am not use to it but oh well, i have to ask you all, is it really true? What about your opinion? What can you say about it that hot and spicy foods is aphrodisiac?

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