Friday, October 8, 2010

A-tih! A-tih!

My one year old boy doesn't quite know how to talk yet. Though i am trying to teach him how but he is kind of a little late compared to his big brother. When his big brother turned a year old he could already say some few words, like Mommy, Daddy, Eat, Drink, Sleep and etc. But not this boy, he quite a handful one but can't talk what he likes to tell me yet. There was one time that i tried to let him copy me by saying Mom-my, but he instead say A-tih! Which means it's a big sister. I was laughing my head off upon hearing him say that word, wasn't really expecting that. It made me flattered though but i am sure he doesn't know what he just said. So still until now, i am trying to teach him few easy words that he can easily remember. Silly boy, i am no your sister, i am your mother, for heaven's sake!

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