Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Key West Snorkeling

I remember when hubby and i first met, it was really a good time because we had so much fun and we enjoyed each other's company. We did so many activities and we both agreed all of our activities. We also did the Key West Snorkeling and that was really unforgettable for me, very memorable that i cannot even imagine how to forget that very moment. At first i got so scared because i have never tried it before and when i got there, it was full of fun and i couldn't get enough of it.

Anyway, we have so many plans ahead, hubby is very adventurous kind of guy and he got me into it and i am loving it. I am able to see different kinds of things around the country and i wanna explore some more places that i have never been into. Hubby said that he is planning to take me to southern part because there's a lot of things to do in Washington DC. I have never been there and when he told me that we are going there, he got me so excited and anxious to get there soon. And what's good thing about traveling a lot is, if we are going to sign up in Trusted Tours & Attractions newsletter, we can get the chance of winning an IPOD Nano! So if you travel a lot guys, don't forget to sign up at Trusted Tours & Attractions!!!

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