Sunday, April 27, 2008

Too Excited To See

Good morning everyone and Happy Sunday to all! May you all have a great day today and happy being with your family as supposedly Sunday is exclusively for family time. Anyway, i would like to share my dreams last night about my baby inside me. I dreamed that i already saw her face and she is so red and very chubby cheeks. Maybe i just have too much excitement in me that's why i dreamed my little girl's face. And also i dreamed about my friend's little girl, Anne's daughter, i keep pinching her face because she is cute and so chubby that's why i can't help pinching her chubby cheeks.

Anyway guys i just want to greet you all a happy beautiful Sunday morning and may you all have a great day today! God bless!


Ivy Sterling said...

ang ako mamu wa ko nimo gi apil ug dream unya gi pinch? lol haha baby pa man ko ba kagigilan pa guro ko harhar..bitaw oi i can say that u really had a good morning kay tana wa na imong flower dira oi mura man na ako ug mo sayaw hahaha...have a blessed Sunday my dear mamu

stev & emz said...

hahaha perti ni si Ivy, gusto diay niya na siya ang imong mapaglihian hehehe para kamukha pud niya ang imong beybeh. hehehe. sa sobrang isip man gud nimo atong baby sis kaya napanaginipan nimo. =)

Hailey's Beats and Bits said...

hello darlene. hope to see you around!