Friday, April 4, 2008

Modern Haggadah

I myself is not really fond of books. But when i saw this that is talking all about the jewish passover, it caught my attention. It is indeed very interesting for me because in this book you can read all the rituals in this Modern Haggadah they have and all the passover that they usually do to the next generations that they have. Anyway, because i am so curious about it and wanna learn more about this rituals they have, i found out that i can purchase the published books they have or i can just download their PDF version for a lesser cost of money.

Quite interesting books they have indeed! That's why i cannot wait to read all the books and learn things from it. I have never been interested to books like this before but now, i just can't take it away from my mind what kind of learning this books brings to me. I love to learn new things and i am very curious to everything. I guess it's time for me to read more such like this kind of books to be more knowledgeable and learn the rituals that this books are talking about. I am very anxious to have this book and i wanna read it right away.

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shoshana said...

This book comes with at least 6 hours ceremonial meal...twice a year, one after the other.

It's fun for the first parts, then not so fun as you just want to finished reading the whole book of Exodus. This is what Haggadah is. It's the book of Exodus, which you have to finish reading in one night, during a meal.

Cool huh?