Friday, April 18, 2008

Shangri La Gardens

I have been into few botanical place in my beloved country but i know i still didn't see the whole beauty of nature than can offer to my naked eyes. I myself is one nature lover and i can never get enough of it especially those beautiful flowers and amazing scene flocks of birds. If i am depressed or something, i used to go to the beach nearby us and watch all the amazing beauty of nature in there and that will make me feel better and entertained. My eyes gets full just by looking at them and my heart will be contented like a child.

I know it is not just me who loves nature, most of people do and that's why i admire those people who are taking seriously about the nature. They give so much time and effort exploring the all about of nature like flowers, animals and elements in the world. I would love to experience a job something like that if i would be given the chance. When i saw this Shangri La Gardens and Nature Center, it just amazed me how beautiful is the place to visit and i am dreaming to be there soon. I showed the pictures to my husband and he is just staring at them and keep saying amazing beauty.

I know, that's why i was begging my husband so we can go visit this Shangri La Gardens and Nature Center, the virgin place and full of beauty of nature. Far from dusty, polluted and crowded society. All we see there are nature, that can satisfy and calm the depressed soul. Looks like the place is like paradise to me, i am very anxious and excited to get there and take tons of pictures with my family. Good thing hubby said that we have to plan ahead for our trip going to this place. Oh i can't wait! Looking at those pictures in the website are so inviting indeed!

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