Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Ever since i got over with my morning sickness constipation took the place. I been telling this to hubby that i am always constipated every morning i wake up. Good thing it won't last until the rest of the day because i just let it loose and it will be gone little after. I just don't like it you know because i keep pushing my tummy because the bad gas inside me is really hurting my tummy and that makes me sick.

I am not sure if most of pregnant women have experienced something like this because i myself have never encounter like this before when i had my son. I hope this constipation will be gone soon, i am trying to wake up in the good mood but then soon as i get up and i know i am constipated, it will just ruin the first few hours of my day. But anyway, i am still thankful that i am able to let it loose though.


idealpinkrose said...

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Imelda said...

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I have the same experience as what u have when i got pregnant with my eldest daughter. Its normal, accordig to the doctor. Just take in at least two glasses of water after u get out of bed in the morning. It will help. Tell me if it works.

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poray said...

hello mami..i was like that too when i was pregnant with my son..what i did to make it easier was drink milk since i have lactose intolerance so diretso tawn gawas lol..i hope you will feel better..i think u can ask ur OB for laxative safe enough for u to use..tc

Yen said...

I was like that too when I was preggo,Darlz! So, I know the feeling! Just drink lots of fluids and eat a lot of fruits specially pinya! Take Care,ok?

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