Tuesday, April 8, 2008

My Uncle Is Inlove!

I am so excited! You wanna know why? Because my uncle just told me that he is getting married! Finally he found the perfect soulmate he is been looking for of all his life and i just can tell that they are both in love to each other and i am very happy for them. Anyway, since he doesn't have idea regarding the matter of wedding arrangements, somebody can do the wedding reception table decorations for them. So he is very thankful to me because i am helping them preparing their big day with his sweetheart on their wedding day by looking for the best deal on the wedding favor ideas.

I really love to help them because i am sure that they will be anxious and excited on that time and they don't have enough time to do all the things they need on their wedding day. I can still remember our wedding with my dear beloved husband, it wasn't as perfect as i expected but it wasn't as bad either. But we could've done more than what we did but it's alright, we are planning to get married for the second time anyway. So on our second wedding it will be more arranged and well prepared just like the coming wedding of my uncle and his ever beloved sweetheart.

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