Monday, March 31, 2008

Flight Schedule

I finally got my E-ticket and i am so happy about it. Now i already told my family back home when are we going there and they are all excited to see us once again. So am i, upon seeing the E-ticket that our travel agent friend sent me it makes me so happy that now it is official that our flight is confirmed. Anyway, we will be receiving the official ticket soon within this week. I looked at the flight schedule and the aircraft and it is quite big.

The only worries i have is we are going to fly at night and that would be tiring for me and for my son. But that's alright because my son is not that fussy anyway at the plane he just keep sleeping which is good for him. I am very excited and at the same time my heart is breaking because hubby cried tonight and telling me that he will miss us and my heart just dropped. But anyway, he will follow us right after i deliver the baby though so we will be together again.

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Hazel said...

hi first time here. u have a nice blog