Monday, April 7, 2008

Family Adventure

It has been a while since we have planned that we are going to Disney World. But that plan will be set aside for now due to my pregnancy and also because i am going back home with our son for a while. Hubby said that soon as deliver the baby we are going to go to Disney World and have fun as family. I am very excited because i have been to Universal Studio but never been to Disney World not even once. Hubby said that we don't have to worry about the expenses because we can get a lot of affordable hotels near Disney World.

That's good then because as all of us know that having a family adventure like this is very costly, especially we are taking the kids with us. My son is keep asking us where is Disney World and later we will be able to show where's that at. It is indeed exciting for our son to be there, hubby and i are sure that he is going to have so much fun out there. And after that adventure, hubby is planning to take us to Lake Buena Vista where also we can find not so expensive Lake Buena Vista Hotels. This is gonna be a lot of fun for us and i am looking forward to this adventure of ours.

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